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Death of Lifelong Friend of Kilcranny House

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It is with deep sorrow that we report the death, on 20th March 2014, of our long time friend and supporter, Hazel Senior. Hazel was a stalwart supporter of the values and mission of Kilcranny House - the pursuit of peace and reconciliation in an increasingly troubled world. 

Despite sadness and pain touching her own life she chose to speak up and act - in very difficult times in N.Ireland. In later years, and despite living a long distance away, Hazel always made a special effort to attend the Annual General Meeting and other special events. She remained well informed about the challenges that faced Kilcranny and we valued her opinions and views. 

All of us, who value and cherish what Kilcranny stands for, owe a great debt to those who went before us and were strong enough to stand up against the pain and darkness of difficult times. Kilcranny owes a debt of gratitude to Hazel, and those like her, whose contribution and efforts for peaceful transformation have helped shape a more hopeful future. 

We offer our condolences and sympathy to the family circle and hope our fond memories and gratitude can be added to their happy memories of her.




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